Elbow boxing can be track the in the former capital of France. Various forms of a boxing have a long been practiced through out mainland south east asia. Based on a combination of Chinese and Indian martial arts, practitioner claim they date back 2000 years. This upcoming sport has been represented and being represented by founder president dr Kuldeep Samanakshar, international master, elbow boxing was initiated by Dr.kuldeep sumanakshar President of Thaiboxing Indian Federation,A well known Yoga Expert and Martial arts Black Belt 4 Dan Achiever and Has experience in Many sports Since Last 20-25 Years. He has also written many Yoga and Martial Arts Books like Yog Sanskriti and many more Books. He has been appeared in Articles of many Famous newspapers in India.

Indian Elbow boxing Federation is a Non-Profit and Non-government Organisation, Commited to promote Elbow Boxing Game in India.

IEF expanded its activities from Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari through its 25 members states. This organisation has provided the best ful contact fighter in national and international championships.
We cordially invite all the member units, petrons, life member and well-wishers of IEF family to this organisation for learning and having a life time experience in self defence.

Dr. Kuldeep Sumnakshar

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